Mental Health Surveys

A Mental Health Survey is an effective way to identify potential mental health problems among your officers and the severity of those problems. Based on the results, you can provide them with assistance.

Mental Health Surveys Header
Mental Health Surveys Header
Mental Health Surveys Header

What Is a Mental Health Survey?

A Mental Health Survey is a tool used by police departments to assess officers’ mental health. It can be used to screen for conditions and track changes in mental health over time. Police leaders can use the Mental Health Survey to learn more about officers’ struggles and how they can help those officers succeed.

Why Should It Be Done?

Police officers, like everyone else, are vulnerable to mental health problems. When a crisis occurs—which happens quite often in the line of duty—it’s especially crucial that they succeed in overcoming their struggles.

Mental Health Surveys provide a way to collect data about how police officers feel, evaluate risk factors for mental illness, and track changes in their mental health.

Mental health surveys can help:

Benefits Of Mental Health Survey

Mental Health Surveys are an effective way to gather information about a police force’s mental health. Surveys can help identify needs, service gaps, and trends. They can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and monitor progress over time.

There are several benefits of conducting a Mental Health Survey: