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Public Contact Survey
Public Contact Survey
Public Contact Survey

Engage Your Community

Community engagement
Demonstrate your commitment to the community members by gathering and listening to their feedback.
Remove friction and increase community engagement by giving them an easy way to get involved.
Gather and analyze community feedback in real-time and make community-informed decisions. Build community trust and improve public perception.

Quickly share the results with your community members with a click of a button. Keep your community informed and involved in your progress.

Community engagement
community survey responses
community survey responses

Improve public relations by involving your community members in decision-making, figuring out what they need, and leading the way to exceptional service.

As a leader, you have the unique opportunity to involve community members in decision-making. This helps build trust throughout your community and provides a platform to raise questions and concerns, identify needs and solutions, and ultimately improve the quality of life for your residents.

Building trust and nurturing legitimacy on both sides of the police/citizen divide is the foundational principle underlying the nature of relations between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Community members play a vital role in maintaining public safety and should be given the opportunity to provide feedback.

Community Policing Solutions

Citizen Police Academy Surveys

The Citizen Police Academy Surveys are a great way for the police department to get feedback from the community. The surveys help the department to identify areas where they need to improve whilst helping to build trust between the police and the community.

Community Engagement Surveys

Community Engagement Surveys collect data about their communities level of engagement within their local government. This information is further used to help improve communication and outreach strategies.

Crime Survey

Crime surveys can help to assess the impact of crime on victims and witnesses and to identify the needs of these groups. Crime surveys can play an important role in crime prevention by helping to identify the factors that contribute to crime.

Police Public Contact Surveys

The PPCS is an important tool for measuring the public’s trust and confidence in the police. The survey results can be used to help assess the effectiveness of police-community relations and to identify areas where improvements are needed.

Public Safety Surveys

Public Safety Surveys are an important tool for keeping communities safe. They help to identify areas where crime is a problem and allow residents to have a say in how their community is policed.

Resident Satisfaction Survey

The Resident Satisfaction Survey is a tool that police departments use to gauge how well they are doing in the eyes of the public. This is an important metric for departments, as it can help them to identify areas in which improvement is needed.

Small Business Surveys

Small Business Survey is a research tool used to collect data from small businesses. The purpose of a small business survey is to gather information about the business landscape, specific businesses, and the needs of small business owners.

School Safety Survey

The School Safety Survey is a thorough questionnaire that is given to students to gauge their level of safety while at school. The survey asks questions about the student’s safety, their perception of school safety, and their experience with any type of violence or bullying.

Campus Police Student Satisfaction Survey


Surveys are critical in understanding the needs and wants of the students you serve and students’ perception of the quality of policing.

Learn how you can improve officer performance, create a more positive image of policing, and influence student behavior and attitudes toward law enforcement for the better.

Increase communication with students and staff. Gather instant feedback directly from the source and build trust with your students.

Campus Police Survey

Collect insightful feedback and measure your agency’s:

Campus Police Survey