About Us


We help law enforcement rebuild public trust. We do this by aggregating data using our proprietary technology and provide local governments and police executives with meaningful and actionable insights. We are on a mission to empower communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all.


Tony Malik

Police Officer / Founder / Mentor at MIT

Antonio Giovanni


Lauren Hamilton

Account Success Manager

Tony Choi

Data Science / GIS

Naila Mahmoud

Chief Marketing Officer

Megan Fleming

Community Relations

Jason Jung

Data Analyst

Stephanne Alfaro

Content Writer

Autumn Schmidt

Regional Sales Manager

Shannon McDonald

Chief Marketing Officer


Brian Peete

Chief of Police VT

Troy Doyle

Lt. Col. St. Louis County PD

Patrick Fitzgibbions

Ret. Commander City of Louisville Metro Police Dept.

Shannan Seals

Chief of Police Carbondale Police Dept.

Christopher Randall

Community Impact Manager